Shop Defit Services is an established defit and make good company that is based in Brisbane.

  • Defitting / Strip out of shops, offices and cafes/restaurants
  • Make good on properties once the defit has occurred

Our defitting / strip out services include:

  • Removal of all items with the premises
  • Disconnection of all supplies including plumbing and electrical
  • Removal of all floor coverings and floor grinding where necessary
  • Removal of inter tenancy walls
  • Removal of shop fronts





Our make good services include:

  • Plastering all walls ready for paint or other applications
  • Repair to the bulk head
  • Co-ordinating the air conditioning, fire and other services for correct layout
  • Installation of grid ceilings and inter tenancy walls

Areas Covered:

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Darling Downs
  • Other areas by request


Shop Defit Services prides itself on providing accurate and complete quotes and meeting the deadlines and the expectations of the customer.

If you believe we can help you please either contact us via 0413 015 545 or via our contact us page.